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Preachers and Teachers

If you represent a Church or a Private School we have a very unique offering that started in 2019.  It works like this....


You have a need for a solution that costs $300/mo (machine(s), service, supplies, etc)

But, you have a budget that only allows for $200/mo (for the those same needs)

OFFICECRAFT, Inc. will provide you that solution for only what you can budget for, in this case $200/mo

If at some point, you can increase your budget closer to $300/mo, then please do.  If not, that's okay.

If you are blessed and can afford a $400/budget but only need a $300/mo solution, then please help out another organization by putting back into the pot.  We believe that this type of giving and caring is in most mission statements for churches and private schools and we, at OFFICECRAFT, want to help you to help others.  

Tell a friend and lets build something great!