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Preachers and Teachers Initiative (PTI)

If you represent a Church or a Private School we have a very unique offering that started in 2019.  

It works like this....

Real Example 1

  The need and previously budgeted solution cost was $310.43/mo. (machine, service, supplies)

                  But, now the budget only allows for $250.00/mo. for the those same needs because of reduced giving         

and the lease still had many months remaining on the term.

OFFICECRAFT, Inc. provided the same, actually better, solution for only what they could budget for, in this case $215/mo.

We told them that "if at some point, you can increase your budget closer to $300/mo. then please do.  If not, that's okay."

Real Example 2

Church was paying $410.25/mo. on a lease at the start of the contract.

Over time, the lease increased to $517.94/mo. and at the same time as giving had gone down.

The PTI provided a much more powerful solution, bought out the BAD Lease and reduced the price down to $428.68/mo.

Real Example 3

Church bought a machine on a 63 month lease just nine months prior to our meeting.

By the time we said our good-bye's, the PTI had saved that church almost $500.00/yr and they kept their machine.

When they can, they will be making the switch to OFFICECRAFT and the PTI.

If your organization is blessed and can afford a $400.00/mo. budget but only need a $300.00/mo. solution, then please help out another organization by putting money back into the pot.  We believe that this type of giving and caring is in most mission statements for churches and private schools and we at OFFICECRAFT, want to help you to help others.  

Tell a friend and lets build something great!

Thank you for all you've done for us! We are very blessed. Everyone is extremely happy with the new copier, and we appreciate the smaller printers as well. The print quality on all of them is much higher than anything we've had before. Many thanks again, and abundant blessings on you and your business!

Grace D.

Recently ADDED!!

If you belong to a church or your child attends a qualifying school, by extension of your giving to that program, 

the PTI will allow you to piggyback your business onto this amazing program. 


We see it like this... if you give to a church or school, you are accomplishing what we are doing here at OFFICECRAFT, 

building a better community.  One church and one school at a time.  

Call and ask for Barry Craft and tell him you want to be part of the PTI Program.