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Our very unique approach to solutions management is the ultimate in customization.  We help manage documents in virtually every aspect of your business workflow.  From long term storage, archiving, scanning to Cloud, project management, Managed Print Services and strategic partnerships with top tier solutions providers all the way down to single desktop black and white printer... we do it all.


We find solutions that meet and exceed expectations... everyday

Market Strategy

We realize the need for inexpensive solutions for high end projects without compromising performance

Business Engagement

We meet and collaborate at your site to create the best possible scenarios to enhance your business.


Imagine 60 years in the copy/print industry, combined with forward thinking and engineering expertise blended into the business of moving and managing documents.


Excellence upgraded.  How is this possible?  Take a great design, peal it apart, enhance the performance, upgrade the parts, add in more power and add memory... now you have True Design

Translating Technology

Imaging scanning a document in English and having it print in Spanish, French, German or the reverse and go from Japanese back to English or any language combination by pushing a button!

Local is BEST

Many companies outsource support.  If you are tired of calling Guatemala or Guam, just call us here in Salem at 503-540-7667 and we will take care of your needs.

Tell a Friend

We have been thriving in the area since 1995.  We dont bombard the airways with endless advertisements to get your attention.  We are word of mouth.  If we dont earn a referral, we haven't earned your business.  Thank you. 


We preset your machines to communicate with us via email.  Meter readings, supplies replenishment and some even send out instruction on issues that may eliminate or circumvent a service call on an MFP all together.

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